As a catalyst for business and job creation, SCORE helps strengthen our local economy. 

Small businesses need money and mentoring to be successful. No organization is more effective at mentoring than SCORE.

Strengthening Maine's Economy

SCORE is a direct and effective catalyst for businesses and job creation. Small businesses need mentoring and educational support to be successful. SCORE is the most effective source of small business mentoring in the U.S.!

SCORE Maine volunteers have worked exceptionally hard through a difficult year and persevered to provide valuable mentoring and educational opportunities to clients facing unprecedented challenges. 

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Frank Yahner

Frank Yahner | SCORE Mentor

"Mr. Yahner is an excellent mentor. His support, wisdom, and experience are invaluable, especially in meeting a business mandate in policy creation. My meetings with Mr. Yahner have encouraged and bolstered my ability to recognize and strive towards meeting my business needs in a goal-oriented and strategic way. I look forward to meeting with Mr. Yahner for the continued support that will ultimately support the wellness of consumers. SCORE is an excellent resource!"

-SCORE Client

John Hangen

John Hangen | SCORE Mentor

It was a very valuable first meeting with John, and I anticipate he will continue to be of assistance as my business ideas mature and grow. SCORE is a wonderful and free resource for folks wanting to start a business but need assistance from someone with extensive experience and knowledge.

-SCORE Client

Martin Bressler

Martin Bressler | SCORE Mentor

Although I am very confident in what I do, I am not confident at all in marketing, so I’m grateful for the help. Martin is very attentive and brought on an expert in social media and websites, we are just beginning but I am grateful for his expertise.

-SCORE Client

Frank Yahner

Frank Yahner | SCORE Mentor

Mr. Yahner was extremely knowledgeable, helpful, courteous, and engaged. I was able to process my business challenges with encouragement and understanding. Mr. Yahner was able to recognize issues and resolutions that did not occur to me while supporting a plan for what I need to complete. Mr. Yahner continues to be a supportive mentor in providing a review of our meeting and going above my expectations and sharing a review of requirements for my organization.

-SCORE Client

Kenneth Bustard

Kenneth Bustard | SCORE Mentor

My mentor seemed to have a good overview of my business needs and helped me understand that things take time to determine which steps to take in the future. It is great to receive sound business advice from professionals you can trust. Great to know they genuinely want to help and not just make a profit.

-SCORE Client

Steven Campbell

Steven Campbell | SCORE Mentor

Steve seems very knowledgeable and eager to help. He offered guidance and answered all my questions. Was able to understand the scope of my issues and we came up with a good place to start. Looking forward to our next meeting in a few weeks.

-SCORE Client

SCORE Maine Mentoring Statistics 2020

The next SUCCESS could be yours!

In 2020, SCORE Maine mentors helped start 509 new businesses, created 412 new jobs, and provided 7,841 chapter services including mentoring sessions provided and workshop attendees.

Volunteer Stats

SCORE helps ALL owners and entrepreneurs.

We offer business mentoring services and many resources and tools for all small businesses, including programs created for underserved audiences.

SCORE Northern Maine Chapter Diamond Excellence Award

SCORE Northern Maine earns Diamond Chapter Excellence Award 2020

Our chapter's excellence is a reflection of our volunteers and the clients we've served. Our volunteers have worked exceptionally hard through a difficult year and persevered to provide valuable mentoring and educational opportunities to clients facing unprecedented challenges.

Northern Maine District Chapter of the Year

SCORE Northern Maine earns District of the Year Award 2020

This prestigious award recognizes the efforts of so many dedicated and hardworking volunteers that have devoted so much time into growing our presence in our community, serving our clients and supporting SCORE's mission and vision.